Everything You Need to Know About eCO Registration

Thu 14th May, 2015 – 6:30pm–8:30pm

By Staff in San Diego


Thu 14th May, 2015


APA Members: $10.00
Other Groups (MOPA, ASMP, Student): $15.00
General Public: $20.00


Everything You Need to Know About eCO Registration* (*but were afraid to ask)


Do you take your copyright seriously? Has your work ever been used without your permission? Do you file regularly? Ever? Don’t wait until your photography is stolen to acquaint yourself with copyright protection. Intellectual property attorney Leslie Burns will walk you, step-by-step, through the process to register your copyrights using the eCO system.

Registration is the key to protecting your work and getting paid for all those infringements you are finding! This presentation will show actual screenshots of a real registration so you will see what you need to do for a proper Group Registration of Published Photographs (the most complicated of the registrations). Leslie will also explain the important details that can make or break your registration and point out common errors and myths. Bad registrations can turn your million-dollar suit into dust. Learn how to do them right!

Leslie Burns is a copyright specialist residing in San Diego. She works closely with creative professionals on copyright and small business issues as a part of the Law Offices of Carolyn E. Wright, LLC (photoattorney.com). Leslie also presents and lectures to creative professionals and professional organizations on both legal and marketing issues.

Doors open at 6:30 PM, session from 7:00 to 8:30 PM

Just added:

Check out what ImageRights is giving away to all attendees!
With generous support from our sponsor - ImageRights International - APA San Diego will be giving away an ImageRights PRO Level membership – a $495 value - to one lucky attendee to the May 14th Copyright event: Everything You Need To Know About eCO Registration* (*but were afraid to ask). Your name will be selected at random from the list of advance reservations prior to the event.

Why is this a wonderful? The ImageRights Discovery service helps you identify unauthorized online use of your images and, with ImageRights Recovery service, begin the process of recovering lost license fees from infringers across the globe, including throughout Europe, North America and Australia.

But there’s more.

Every attendee will receive one free on-line copyright registration through ImageRights International - that’s right: you will be able to register your photography with the United States Copyright Office through the ImageRights website, gratis. 

Free, for nothing. Nada. Every person that attends.

So get on it and go to www.apasd.org and Register Now!



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