APA LA Rep and Consultant Portfolio Review 2017

Sat 11th Nov, 2017 – 9:00am–4:00pm

By APA Admin in Los Angeles

Sat 11th Nov, 2017

Helms Daylight Studio
3221 Hutchison Ave # E.
Los Angeles, CA 90034


Varies based on number of review.
APA members receive 50 % discount.


APA Los Angeles 

Rep and Consultant Portfolio Review, NOVEMBER 11, 2017

9:00 am -4:00 pm

 at Helms Daylight Studio

This event is open to EVERYONE. APA Members will receive a 50% discount. 
APA Los Angeles holds these reviews once a year to provide constructive feedback to photographre’s portfolios and/or websites. Photographers get expert personalized reviews from top reps and consultants. Reps and Consultants are best equipped with knowing what the feel and look of your portfolio should be and can prepare you for your next pitch. Reps and Consultants can provide knowledge of industry standards in these ever changing times, sequencing and editing, and they know how to best approach the client.

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Sherwin Taghdiri, Owner/Creative Agent/Producer, Pictures Matter
Patti Silverstein, Owner/Photo Editor, Patti & Lisa
Lisa Thackaberry, Owner/Photo Editor, Patti & Lisa
John Sharpe, Owner, Sharpe Associate Artists
Alyssa Pizer, Owner/Agent, Alyssa Pizer Management
Steve Bishop, Owner/Agent/Agent, S:B Reps
Michele Karpe, Owner, Michele Karpe Represents
Rose Cefalu, Owner/Producer/Rep, Racer Media
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