APA Webinar: First Impressions April 8, 2020

Wed 08th Apr, 2020 – 5:00pm

By APA Admin in New York, National

Wed 08th Apr, 2020

2pm Pacific
4pm Central
5pm Eastern




APA Webinar: First Impressions April 8, 2020 

Creative buyers review photographer's websites

5pm EDT 2pm PDT

First Impressions

Your website is the center of your brand - the public face of your business - so paying attention to your end user’s experience is imperative.  As we all know: you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

In this webinar, two creative buyers will walk through several photographer’s websites and give at-a-glance evaluations. They will discuss their first impressions including overall design, user interface, navigation and responsiveness. They will offer their feedback and suggestions like do’s and don’t to benefit photographers when structuring or enhancing sites to optimize use, practicality, impact and consistency.

The first 10 photographers to submit their site URL will have the opportunity for evaluation, but ALL attendees will benefit from this inside look at what happens during that crucial and critical site visit. This information will be invaluable for all.

To be considered for site evaluation at this event please contact:  heidi.goverman@workbook.com

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