APA National Executive Board Welcomes Jill Broussard

Tue 14th Sep, 2021

By APA Admin in Recognition

APA National Executive Board of Directors welcomes Jill Broussard as Treasurer.

About Jill:

Jill serves on the APA Diversity Committee https://apanational.org/news/entry/diversity-and-inclusion/

"I have a desire to know people and their stories- their joys and their griefs.  I’ve always thought everyone’s story is interesting if you dig in and listen long enough." 

"I’m a native of the Bay Area, where I spent my childhood buried in the fog of San Francisco listening to grunge music and learning how to fit in as a tall awkward shy kid.  I left to attend college in Texas, where among the southern traditions, I again stuck out, and then a few years later, I came out. I married my wife 5 years ago. I graduated with a degree in print journalism, having taken few photo classes and enchanted with the darkroom. I persisted, ultimately loving lifestyle photography after making pictures of my young nephews as we lived through the death of my brother.  I found out years later that my grandmother had a darkroom in her house before I was born."

"I shoot advertising work for a variety of healthcare, hospitality, and lifestyle brands, but what I love about them all is the moments of creation, the orchestra of people coming together for a brief magic moment in time. I want people to feel seen. Photography is a ridiculous amount of fun— it’s not rocket science and we’re not saving lives here.  But I’ve wondered, sometimes, if helping someone see themselves through someone else’s eyes could maybe save a life here or there."  

"When I’m not using my camera, I’m cooking.  And reading.  And listening to podcasts, always looking for a good hearty debate.  And trying to pull out more of those stories I love so much."

Jill's website - www.jillbroussard.com


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