In Training by Stephen Voss

Mon 06th Dec, 2021

By APA Admin in Recognition

©Stephen Voss

In Training is a book of bonsai photos by photographer Stephen Voss (APA DC member). He spent over two years photographing these trees and the photos have been featured by National Geographic and prints from the book are in the collection of the US Library of Congress. APA members receive a $10 discount using code APA10.

"The book was designed to communicate the passage of time. I think one of the most profound feelings when standing before these trees is to think about what they've been through, all the bonsai masters who have cared for them, who have made them their life's work, knowing the tree would outlive them and be cared for by someone else one day." Stephen Voss

©Stephen Voss

"One way this has been explained to me is to imagine these trees all floating down a river. A bonsai master may take a tree suitable for him or her from the water, work on it for some number of years, then, when ready, put it back into the flow of the river for the next master to work on it." Stephen Voss

©Stephen Voss

Stephen's Instagram - @stephenvoss


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