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eszter and david

Chapter: Los Angeles /
Pro Type: Photographer

eszter+david are an LA based photography team — transplants from the land down under— who specialize in making lifestyle and portrait images on a happy set. Technically, david clicks the camera and eszter (wo)mans the monitor (and eventually retouches the images) but on set they collaborate on all details of image creation — from framing to direction and everything in between.

eszter+david have been creating widely differing and striking visual narratives for major brands such as Enterprise, Visa Card, Amex, , Pottery Barn and for the past 15 years.

Although eszter+david agree that life is complicated, their photographic philosophy is simple: build great, easy relationships with the agency and client; work extremely diligently to solve all problems, seen and unforeseen, in the lead up to the shoot; create and maintain a joyous work environment no matter what curve-balls are thrown their way; and then, connect with the talent in a way that is authentic and real and tells their story and/or the brand story with as much truth as is humanly possible.

All this to finally end up with images which are a reflection of the clarity and quality eszter+david value above all else!