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Chapter: San Francisco /
Pro Type: Photographer

I work on photography, painting and mixed media to explore my images, to finding a moment with my feeling on how it reflects my works.

My focus is that unseen area are affected by wherever you stand for to sense it. Our world is between reality and imagination with a segment of moments and dimensions. Reality reflects imagination, and vice versa. Consequences from those images what we received, our unconscious mind naturally creates “unseen areas” from an afterimage between those real and imagined space. There would be no death or timeline, but the impact from reality and imagination is also naturally flowing into the unseen area harmoniously to ask us the meaning of time-space and nowness.
Divided by three-dimensional timelines: present, past, and future, but visualizing in this moment would have holding the images much more than we observed.
The unseen areas, it might be the free space line that we can to be free from visual slaves in our world.

I feel that art could be the voice of this moment and memory of breathing air we could never go back, a composition of countless dimensions and signals form from space.