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Tiago Chediak

Chapter: New York /
Pro Type: Photographer

Tiago Chediak is a Brazilian fashion and portrait photographer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Born into a family of renowned artists, Tiago was raised amidst exponents of Brazil’s music, theater and cinema. Tiago found in music – and in punk rock – the earliest outlet to his aesthetic sensibilities toward the idiosyncrasies of urban life. Indeed, guitars and rock bands dominated most of his high school years. It wasn’t until exploring journalism in college that Tiago chose the camera as his main instrument for artistic expression. Tiago’s late teenage years marked an important shift – the moment art morphed from something Tiago did into something Tiago lived. Building his career in a continuous stream of Fashion Weeks in New York, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, a turning point came in 2011, when Tiago’s new creative home in Brooklyn, NY opened his work to a larger world. Tiago’s work has appeared in Vogue, Marie Claire, Nylon, Harper’s Bazaar. In 2016 he published his first book “The Live Canvas Project”. A project with his old friend and tattoo artist João Paulo Rodrigues. Alongside his fashion and portrait work – or perhaps in counterpoint to it – Tiago spends time documenting un-distilled, urban life via analog photography.