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Giano Currie Fine Art

Specialty: Fine Art

Chapter: Atlanta /
Pro Type: Photographer

Dear Art Enthusiast,

Giano Currie is a well cultured Surinamese-born Fine Art Photographer who currently lives and works in Miami. He produces his art by leveraging dye sublimated aluminum plates to create a dialogue between art and its witness. By sculpting his subjects with shadows and painting their symmetry with light, he is able to create a colorful body of work that leaves empty-space vulnerable to individual imagination. His photography differentiates itself through the use of in-studio red and blue lights, which creates an intenser hue when reflected off his subject’s skin and his recognizable photography technique which confronts the viewer with a 3-D type feeling when transferred to a reflective surface.

Giano’s choice of using reflective metal as a tool serves a unique purpose not often seen in photography. By including the reflective characteristics of aluminum, Giano is able to subconsciously include the viewer in his work, fostering an unspoken dialogue between his art and in turn; its witness.