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David Hanks

Chapter: San Francisco /
Pro Type: Crew/Production Services
/ Assistant

From advanced multi-layer compositing, precision color matching, and finessing skin tone adjustments to basic white balancing and batch processing, I'm a retoucher who is able to quickly learn your style and can fine-tune your photos so they look just like you want. I've done exacting work for all types of clients including commercial (catalog/web), editorial (publication), and fine art (gallery) for prepress, interactive, and exhibition use. I'm an expert-level user of Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom as well as Capture One Pro & Media Pro. I'm comfortable in locations large and small - from corporate retouching house, to a variety of studios, to my home workspace.

Digital Tech
I'm a perfect fit on a crew as small as two people or as large as dozens of people - I've done both, many times. I'm experienced in all phases of post-production - with both Canon and Nikon systems (shooting directly to card or tethered to Mac or PC) as well as lots of photographic software including being an expert-level user of Capture One Pro & Media Pro as well as Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom. Most importantly, I have the business skills to know how to relate to your clients when they're looking over my shoulder.

Digital Assets Management
Whether you have a few gigabytes or many terabytes of photographic data, I'm a master organizer. From thorough metadata procedures to file organization, I'll listen to your unique organizational needs, then devise and work with you to implement a DAM plan so you can find any of your photographs in no time.

Mac Tech
From college labs to home offices to your personal laptop, I can get you setup and keep your system working. I have the knowledge and resources to troubleshoot - I've never met a problem I couldn't solve. Extensive experience with: OS X, Parallels, Bootcamp, peripherals, out-of-the-box setup, hardware upgrades, customized configurations, multiple user permissions, networking and file sharing, data migration, backup systems, color calibration, purchase consulting, software installations and updates, troubleshooting, training ... and much more.

With years of experience as a consultant, tutor, and corporate trainer, I'm able to quickly design customized sessions so that you'll understand what you want to know about digital cameras, photographic software, or your Mac. I'm a patient listener and capable of finding new ways of teaching based on your style of learning. I'm also in touch with a network of photo assistants and can recommend the right person for the right position.

Do you want to work with someone who thrives on good communication and values our interaction as much as our work together? I'm a great listener, a creative problem solver, and can provide clear, comprehensive answers to your digital needs. I have a knack for being low-stress, patient, and maintaining my sense of humor in a fast-paced environment. For me, it's about working hard and having fun the whole time!

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area. Passport-ready.