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Each APA Chapter has its own Director, Chair, and Board of Directors.

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APA National Staff

Press, legal, advocacy, national sponsorship, APA Awards, or other, contact:

Juliette Wolf-Robin, National Executive Director

APA National (Mailing Address)
5042 Wilshire Blvd., #321
Los Angeles, CA. 90036

Membership FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) are here.

For membership questions contact:
Jeff Kausch, National Membership Representative (

APA National Membership (Mailing Address / by appointment only)
2055 Bryant Street
San Francisco CA 94110

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APA National Board - Officers 2021

Tony Gale, National Board President

RJ Muna, National Board Executive Vice President

Dana Hursey, National Board Senior Vice President

Inti S. Clair, National Board Vice President

Jill Broussard, National Board Treasurer

Ramon C. Purcell, National Secretary



APA Instagram

APA Instagram

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