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Irina Logra

Specialty: Advertising

Chapter: Los Angeles /
Pro Type: Photographer

To see the big picture, sometimes we have to get as close as we can. Looking in our subject’s eyes, we also look through their eyes, understanding their emotions and how they see the world.

To get a complete story, I like to zoom out and see how our subjects interact with their environment, what surrounds them, what and who inspires them.

In preparation for such missions (and simultaneously cursed with perfectionism), I had to

-tame lighting,

-master composition in landscape and architecture photography,

-learn how different materials interact with each other and

-draw inspiration from the best visual creators on Earth, be it fellow humans or nature herself.

Only now, with all this knowledge and a team of reliable, exceptional professionals, am I allowed to work with you. It is a huge responsibility to be trusted with your project and it is unacceptable for us to let you down.


500px, ASPECT, Big Green, Bosco, Caltech, Cirque du Soleil, DWP, Farmers Insurance, Frame.Io, GoDigital, Jaguar Land Rover, Kaspersky Lab, KPMG, Leadership Pasadena, Lineage Digital, Mitsubishi, Momentus, Mt Wilson Observatory, Nadel, Inc, Ohio State University, Raiffeisen, Renault, RT Channel, RUSAL, Sara Weinstock Jewelry, Vedomosti, Villagio Estate, WePlay, Znak auction house and other wonderful companies.


Honored as a member of selective Federation of European Photographers (FEP)

International Garden Photographer of the Year (IGPOTY), top 5

2018 Friends of the Program Award from Leadership Pasadena

World's Best Photographers & Artists, Best of January 2019

World's Best Photographers & Artists, Best of August 2018

MASTERPHOTO 2018, exhibitions in Moscow, St.Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Tomsk

Award of Excellence from Photographer's Forum Magazine,

MASTERPHOTO 2017, exhibitions in Moscow, St.Petersburg

36th Annual Spring Photography Contest, finalist

Popular Photography, Love Mentor Series, Travel Contest, top 10

Think Tank Gallery, Same Cities photography project, Los Angeles 07/2016

The Vision Theatre, Same Cities photography project, Los Angeles 09/2016

Oldtimer Gallery XVIII, Crocus Expo, Moscow, 09//2011

Best of Photographers 2011, Editorial, top 10