Alternative Careers in Photography, April 10, 2018

Tue 10th Apr, 2018 – 7:00pm–8:30pm

By APA Admin in Chicago

Tue 10th Apr, 2018


Free admission


While photographers get most (if not all) the glory it is the collaboration with skilled behind the scene production professional that help shape the final image. These disciplines are part of an integral team that help a photographer achieve their artistic and business vision.

On Tuesday, April 10 APA Chicago in conjunction with Columbia College will have a moderated a panel discussion with ten (10) in-demand production professionals. We’ll dissect each production specialty and answer the following questions:

  •     How each panelist got their start in the business
  •     Education requirements for each specialty
  •     How to add value on set
  •     Best practices building relationship
  •     Ideas for marketing yourself
  •     How to be a problem-solver on set
  •     Tips for ensuring your called-back

Learn more about making a career in commercial photography as a production specialist.


  •     Hannah Soto (previously Fehrman), Grey House Productions, Executive Producer & Moderator
  •     Kelsey Connor, AbelsonTaylor, Associate Art Buyer
  •     Rebekah Zimmerman-Watts, Kelly Allison Photography, Studio Manager
  •     Jennie Frake, Levinson Locations, Location Scout & Location Manager
  •     Sarah Lawhead, Wardrobe Stylist & Art Director
  •     Elaine Miller, Digital Tech & Fine Art Printer
  •     Brenda Whaley, Producer
  •     Susie Lee, Utopia Agency, Hair & Make-up Artist
  •     Julie Tallarida, Trigger Casting& Planet Earth Agency, Casting Director & Talent Agent
  •     Ben Rodig, Lighting Technition & Videographer
  •     Craig Cotsones, Kavi Gupta Gallery, Art Preparator & Operations Manager

We will have a reception immediately following the event for networking!



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