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APA Replies to Copyright Office Notice of Inquiry

Mon 27th Jul, 2015

The APA’s advocacy team has been working behind the scenes to effect positive change in our industry. Leading a coalition of industry organizations, APA has petitioned the register of Copyrights, Maria Pallante, for changes to Federal Copyright Law to help stop the constant erosion of our rights and the weakening of copyright protections. Now, APA is happy to announce that the Copyright office has issued a "Notice of Inquiry" — the first step toward legislative change which gathers opinions from those most affected. This comes after several meetings between the Register, APA representatives, and other stake holders and stems from years of work and strong membership support. On behalf of our members, APA has submitted what we believe to be one of the most complete and comprehensive replies to the NOI (see our reply below).

While the deadline to submit initial responses was July 23, 2015, we now have a critical opportunity to provide a follow-up response. Please read APA’s response and help us to help you by sharing your thoughts and experiences so we may include them in our follow up response. Do not send us anything that you do not want included in a public document, and please note if you wish to remain anonymous. Comments that you submit may be used in the response at APA's discretion.

The environment for professional image makers is a tough one. Know that APA is working at the highest levels to change that, and is doing so with broad membership support. Thank you for your membership. Please take the time to read this important document and submit your comments to us so that we may continue working to improve our profession.


19345APA Replies to Copyright Office Notice of Inquiry

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