Copyright Claims Board (CCB) Opens

Fri 10th Jun, 2022

in Copyright

The U.S. Copyright Office announced that the Copyright Claims Board (CCB) will begin operations on June 16, 2022. Starting June 16, CCB participants will be able to register for the CCB's electronic filing and case management system (eCCB), and file or opt out of a claim at the CCB. The CCB will also make its handbook materials available for guidance on how to navigate the CCB.

The CASE Act calls for the creation of a “small claims court” within the U.S. Copyright Office—called the Copyright Claims Board or CCB—to handle certain copyright disputes in a fair, efficient, and affordable manner so that creators don’t have to go to federal court. Historically, federal courts have had exclusive jurisdiction over copyright, but it’s expensive and complex to navigate a case through the federal court system. Thus, most professional creators and small businesses cannot afford to enforce their rights when someone infringes their works. The Copyright Claims Board, which was created under the CASE Act, will provide a voluntary and affordable alternative to federal court when it launches in late June 2022.

In sum, the Copyright Claims Board “is a three member tribunal with extensive expertise in copyright matters that provides a streamlined alternative to federal court to resolve copyright disputes involving claims up to $30,000.”

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