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Donations for the Safety of Journalist

Thu 19th Aug, 2021

From the International Federation of Journalist

As the Taliban take control of more towns and cities across Afghanistan, we are witnessing a rapid escalation of violence and threats against journalists and independent media.

The Taliban have made huge territorial gains in the rural areas and media outlets have been forced to close or have been taken over by the Taliban to broadcast their own propaganda. The staff have fled or are in hiding. Just yesterday 11 media outlets were forced to close when the Taliban took control of Baghlan province. Women journalists are being banned from working. The director of Afghanistan’s media and information center was assassinated in Kabul. In other areas, security fears mean that many media outlets are reducing their activities. Already, over 1,000 journalists and media workers have lost their jobs.

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) is working urgently with our affiliates AIJA and ANJU to provide emergency support, to help journalists take protective measures, seek safety and where necessary to leave the country. Our affiliates in a number of countries are lobbying their governments to provide emergency visas to enable those most at threat to leave the country. We have now established a special fund within the IFJ Safety Fund to channel further support. We are seeking your solidarity to help us provide that urgent much-needed support.

If you can, please make a donation. All funds raised will go directly to providing support to our Afghan colleagues.

110246Donations for the Safety of Journalist

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