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Top Seven Resources to Better Understand the Copyright Claims Board

Thu 14th Jul, 2022

Top Seven Resources to Better Understand the Copyright Claims Board

It's been almost a month since the Copyright Claims Board (CCB) launched. Following the launch, the Copyright Alliance, in concert with our members and partners, has made available a wealth of new information and resources about the new CCB.

From event videos to FAQs to podcasts, please find this information below. And be sure to check out our CCB Explained webpage often for even more resources, as we are adding new info regularly!

  1. NPR’s The Indicator from Planet Money (Podcast with Copyright Alliance CEO Keith Kupferschmid)
  2. Fees Associated with Bringing or Defending a Case Before the CCB (Copyright Academy CCB Series video with Copyright Alliance CEO Keith Kupferschmid and Copyright Policy Counsel Rachel Kim)
  3. 15 Things You Need to Know About the Copyright Office’s New Small Claims Court (Copyright Alliance Blog by CEO Keith Kupferschmid)
  4. Tech Intersect with Tonya Evans (Podcast with Copyright Alliance CEO Keith Kupferschmid)
  5. What You Need To Know About The Copyright Claims Board (Recording Academy Twitter Spaces event, hosted by Michael Lewan, Recording Academy, with Copyright Alliance VP of Legal Policy and Copyright Counsel Terrica Carrington)
  6. What the Launch of the Copyright Claims Board Means for Creators (Hudson Institute panel, with Terrica Carrington, Copyright Alliance; Maya Burchette, Copyright Claims Board; Michael R. Klipper, attorney; and Devlin Hartline, Hudson Institute, moderator)
  7. Copyright Claims Board: What Authors and Agents Should Know (Authors Guild panel, with Terrica Carrington, Copyright Alliance; Whitney Levandusky, Copyright Claims Board; Pamela Malpas, Association of American Literary Agents; and Mary Rasenberger, Authors Guild CEO, moderator)


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