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Announcing the Winners of the 2019 APA Awards

Fri 16th Aug, 2019

By APA Admin in National, Awards Gallery
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Judges' Best of Show by Rebecca Moseman

APA Award Winners by Category

Architecture / Interiors

Left to Right:

First Place: Erin Feinblatt
Second Place: Lupine Hammack
Third Place: Brad Feinknopf

Beauty / Fashion

Left to Right:

First Place: Andy Katz
Second Place: Braden Summers
Third Place: Stian Rasmussen

Celebrity / Musicians

Left to Right:

First Place: Art Streiber
Second Place: Mike McLaughlin
Third Place: Kwaku Alston

Conceptual / Altered

Left to Right:

First Place: RJ Muna
Second Place: Kremer Johnson
Third Place: Shenyi Wang

Corporate / Industrial

Left to Right:

First Place: Doug Menuez
Second Place: Geoff Johnson
Third Place: John Amatucci

Documentary / Photojournalism

Left to Right:

First Place: Doug Menuez
Second Place: Micah B. Rubin
Third Place: Amparo Barajas

Food / Still Life

Left to Right:

First Place: Jason Little
Second Place: Justin Paris
Third Place: Maren Caruso


Left to Right:

First Place: Taggart Lee
Second Place: Inti St Clair
Third Place: Shannon Greer

Nature / Animals

Left to Right:

First Place: Andrei Duman
Second Place: Charles Nunn
Third Place: Art Brewer

Personal Projects

Left to Right:

First Place: Edward Masterson
Second Place: Todd Antony
Third Place: Brooke Hummer


Left to Right:

First Place: Michael Schoenfeld
Second Place: Ethan Pines
Third Place: Tom Kubik

Sports / Adventure

Left to Right:

First Place: Robert Houser
Second Place: Matthew Brush
Third Place: David Clifford

Travel / Landscape

Left to Right:

First Place: Clark Vandergrift
Second Place: Martin Klimek
Third Place: Tracy + David


Our Partners

We would like to thank all of our partners for supporting our mission, and our community.

Featured Partner:  

Supporting Partners:
Agency Access
A&I Fine Art + Photography
Blazing Editions
Luerzer's Archive
Think Tank

The 2019 APA Awards Judges

This years high-profile judges represent an excellent cross-section of the photo buying community:

Andrea Bakacs
Cameron Barnum
Owen Bly
Pereira & O’Dell
Jacqueline Bovaird
Helaina Buzzeo
Jane Smith Agency
Jessica Carroll
Major League Baseball Photos
Donna Cohen
Bloomberg Markets
Ali Martín Filsoof
Carol Henry
Gallery Director, Curator
Charlie Hess
Design Director, Photo Editor
Patricia Hom
The Community
Jennifer Lamping
Rubin, Postaer and Associates (RPA)
Pilar Law
Gallery Director, Curator
Tania Pirozzi
Art Producer, Photo Editor
Antoinette Rodriguez
Crispin Porter Bogusky
Allyson Torrisi
People Magazine


Steven Burns, FAIA
Los Angeles

Gary Beyerl, AIA

All images © by each artist

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