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APA San Francisco Something Personal Exhibit Gallery

Wed 20th Dec, 2023

By APA Admin in San Francisco
Image by 2023 Something Personal finalist Chava Oropesa

APA San Francisco's Something Personal Exhibit was fantastic in-person event held December 2nd at Left Space in San Francisco! If you didn't make the show, you can view the online gallery by clicking the link above.

Congratulations to all the finalists:

BEST IN SHOW: Hillary Maybery

FIRST PLACE: Mickey Strider

SECOND PLACE: Jana Asenbrennerova

THIRD PLACE: Simrah Farrukh


Dan Simmons
Douglas Despres
Hillary Maybery
Joe Patronite
Julio Duffoo
Kyle Miller
Matt Harbicht
Mickey Strider
Rob Brodman
Ryan Schude
Shawn Fender
Simrah Farrukh

FEATURED WINNERS - The Personal Photography Project:

Erica Jones
Jana Asenbrennerova
jill broussard
Rob /Charles Williamson
Simrah Farrukh


  • Amy Gaskin
  • Angela DeCenzo
  • Brian Adler
  • Chad  Holder
  • Charles Williamson
  • Chava Oropesa
  • Chris Sorensen
  • Christina McFaul
  • Christopher Malcolm
  • Dale Lazar
  • Dan Simmons
  • David Fouts
  • Elvin Catley
  • Elysa Weitala
  • Erica Jones
  • Frederic Neema
  • Gene Lee
  • Geoff Wood
  • Gina Risso
  • Heidi Margocsy
  • Hillary Maybery
  • Himanshu Pandya
  • Ian Spanier
  • Ian Tuttle
  • Jaime Borschuk
  • Jana Asenbrennerova
  • Jenna Alcala
  • Jens Lucking
  • Jill Broussard
  • Joe Patronite
  • Joseph Seif
  • Julio Duffoo
  • Jyotsna Bhamidipati
  • Jyotsna Bhamidipati
  • Katie Thompson
  • Kayla de Guzman
  • Kristina Krug
  • Kristina Krug
  • Kyle Miller
  • Leslie Ramirez
  • Lisa Wiseman
  • Mahala Easter-Houston
  • Margot Judge
  • Mark Fore
  • Markku Lahdesmaki
  • Meg Smith
  • Michael Winokur
  • Mickey Strider
  • Ofer Yakov
  • Paul O'Malley
  • Robert Atkinson
  • Ron Wurzer
  • Ryan Welch
  • Sara Rubinstein
  • Sarah Rodriguez
  • Scarlett Freund
  • Scott Montgomery
  • Shawn Fender
  • Simrah Farrukh
  • Steve Babuljak
  • Steve Boyle
  • Steve Korn
  • Suzanne Engelberg
  • Thomas Broening
  • Tom Kubik
  • Tracy Boulian
  • Travis Fitzgerald

Images from Something Personal Exhibit.

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