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About ASCRL: American Society for Collective Rights Licensing

Mon 17th Apr, 2023 – Mon 17th Apr, 2023

By APA Admin in National

APA helped to create ASCRL - the American Society for Collective Rights Licensing which launched in 2015.

ASCRL distributes funds to eligible professional photographers who join (for free) and it's important for you to know who they are, how it works, and how APA continues to support their mission. 

Please join a zoom meeting with James Silverberg, ASCRL CEO to help answer some important questions.


Established by authors and rights holders, ASCRL collects foreign payments for visual works that are mandated by foreign law and distributes those payments to ASCRL members. 

ASCRL is a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit corporation founded by and run by artists.Located in Washington, DC with the primary purpose to distribute foreign reprographic funds for photography and illustration to United States' authors and rights holders and to foreign national authors and rights holders whose works are published in the United States.

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