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APA San Francisco | 2024 Portfolio Review

Sat 08th Jun, 2024 – 12:00pm–5:00pm PT

APA SF 11th Annual Members Only Portfolio Review

Meet potential new clients; show them your finest work.

Receive valuable feedback about your work and presentation.

Saturday June 8th, 2024
12:00 to 5:00 PM 


This Portfolio Review Event is reserved exclusively for: APA Leader, APA Professional, and APA Associate Members

Please read all of the "Event Fundamentals" info below.

This annual event is made possible by these generous Sponsors:

American Photographic Artists, San Francisco has a very special annual opportunity for APA Photographer Members to meet one-on-one, face-to-face, with insightful and influential Reviewers who could change your career, perhaps even change your life...

You choose three Reviewers to meet with, to help you refine your portfolio, and advance your career. In each 15 minute appointment, you'll be able to show these top creatives exactly what you do, and personally connect with them about who you are -- plus, the reviewers will offer you crucial career-improving feedback. You can present your finest work on your pad or laptop if you prefer.

We booked this years event at the impressive Capitol Art studio, and there will be an exclusive, complimentary private, fine wine networking party at the end of the event, so you can all get to know each other, and begin the collaborative creative process. Unlike other Portfolio Reviews, every photographer member attending will have the opportunity to meet & talk with many of the Reviewers during the exclusive Private Party from 9-10 PM. Connect. Collaborate. Succeed.


(Includes 3 Appointments)

ProPlus Members Rate - $150.00

Professional Member Rate - $225.00

Emerging Member Rates - $300.00

Additional Reviews added after your first three - $75.00 per

Please Note:
- All payments are non-refundable at any point.
- There is an additional, nominal Eventbrite fee at registration. 


Ron Beinner | Photography Producer, Editor, Collaborator and Consultant.

I worked along side the editors, writers, art directors and photographers at Condé Nast Publications and Vanity Fair magazine to connect all the dots and produce covers, portraits and portfolios on location from Anchorage to the Amazon River and on to Timbuktu for over two and a half decades. I currently have a Silicon Valley based role more on the business side and continue to consult with photographers to develop their work and figure out how best to present it. I’m also putting together my first book. Stay tuned. 

Creative photography production and consulting in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and on the road worldwide. 

Personal website:


Mike Ruiz | Creative Director / Brand Storyteller

Hailing from Oakland, CA, Mike has worked in the Bay Area creative industry for 20 years, both in-house and on the agency side. He has developed campaign work across a range of top-tier brands in tech, gaming, telecom, CPG, retail, and finance. His current focus is brand strategy and storytelling through film and video work, but his experience has crossed all mediums, including print, digital, radio, and broadcast.

Recent clients: Meta, Google, Hidden Valley, Ebay, T Mobile, LG, Soyvay, 

Personal website:


Tara Kennedy | Sr. Creative Producer
Tara is an integrated creative producer, working with creative advertising teams across digital, video, OOH, print, social, and more. Outside the office, you can find her frequenting Alamo Square Park and Alamo Drafthouse theater. She loves to travel and has visited all 7 continents, but is happy to call San Francisco (her favorite city) home for the last 7 years.

Recent clients: Ad agencies in NY and SF, Fun Works // Credit Karma, Clorox, Doordash, Logitech, Dave. R/GA California // Airbnb, Reddit, Google, PUBG. 

Personal website:


Jamie Mccathie | Creative Director and Co-Founder of General LLC,
a strategic creative company from California.

In his past life, he was a veteran of big branding agency Turner Duckworth for over 18 years. Jamie spent the first half of his career in London, surrounded by designers, photographers, illustrators and musicians before moving to California in 2012. For 10 years he headed up creative teams in San Francisco, becoming the Executive Creative Director. He went on to develop the Head of Design & Creativity position for Beam Suntory in 2021, a role focused on connecting all creative disciplines and agencies. Jamie graduated from Somerset College of Arts in the UK with a B.A. in Visual Communication. Friends were made, accolades earned, and many awards won. Most notably a Grammy.


Brandi Moore | Rep and Owner of Brandi Moore Management
full service creative and production agency working Nationwide.

Moving from Honolulu to California I had a dream. To connect people with one another. First coming into the industry as a creative, I successfully designed handbags for a Bay Area brand. One of which was featured in Lucky Magazine when I was 20. I was immediately drawn to the fashion industry knowing my purpose was here. Throughout my life I’ve recognized that my true passion lies in supporting and uplifting creatives in our industry. Through the philanthropy and humanitarianism work we do, we’ve been able to create a space for creatives who are stronger together. It’s this agency's sole purpose to support our community anyway we can. After all, happier creatives mean happier clients! Our team is made up of a broad group of people including those who speak for the underserved groups of Women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ community.

Who we represent: Producers - Art Directors - Photographers - Stylists - Manicurists - Hair and Makeup Artists for all creative collaborations in Commercial, Advertising, Luxury, and Fashion Production. 



- Your APA Leader, Pro, or Associate membership must be current when you register, and on the event date

- This event is open to APA Leader, Pro, or Associate members from all APA Chapters

- Admission includes the private party from 4 -5 PM with many of the Reviewers

- Please plan to get there well before your first Appointment on Review day. You are encouraged to settle into our cafe lounge and mingle with other members.

- We cannot change any appointments after we have confirmed them

- We will do our very best to book your three top Reviewer choices

- If a Reviewer has to cancel, we will re-schedule your next choice, if possible

- All payments are non-refundable. There is an additional, nominal EventBrite fee at registration. Thank you.

- You’ll get to personally show your portfolio to THREE of the Reviewers.

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