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APA SF Virtual SET Event- The Importance of Personal Work, October 12, 2021

Tue 12th Oct, 2021 – Wed 13th Oct, 2021

By APA Admin in San Francisco

APA SF October SET

The Importance of Personal Work

Giving time to personal work when you’re focused on making a living can be challenging. 

What does it take to get into that place of making it a priority to get inspired and produce work you love? 

For October’s SET, we will discuss how to get inspired to produce work you are excited about and some of the things that might hold us back from doing personal work. 

We’ll also talk about how collaborating helps us build new and stronger work relationships with other creatives, helping us build a crew we know, like and trust for our paid work.

Personal work helps us strengthen our personal style and portfolios, and it’s often what ends up bringing in paid jobs that are in line with what we love to create. We’d love to hear about a time a personal project brought you an exciting commission.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021   
6:30 PM  to 8:00 PM, Pacific

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