APA Biz Talk - Why Register Copyright?

Tue 17th Nov, 2020 – Tue 17th Nov, 2020

By APA Admin

Tue 17th Nov, 2020
Tue 17th Nov, 2020

11 am pacific/ 1 central / 2 pm eastern


APA BIZ TALK: Why Register Copyright?

Does registering your images with the Copyright Office really matter? 

November 17, 2020   11 am pacific/ 1:00 central / 2 pm eastern


Stephen M. Doniger, Esq.

Jeff Sedlik


Why does Registering images with the Copyright office matter? 
When do you need to Register? 
What if you have never registered images before?  Can you go back?
What is published/unpublished and what if you don't know the answer.
What are the common mistakes in filling out the forms? 
If you are infringed what should you do?
What to know when hiring an attorney.  
What to know about posting images on social media.
Should images have a watermark? What about a Copyright notice?

About our speakers:

Stephen Doniger is a partner at Doniger Burroughs, a firm with offices in Los Angeles and New York that focuses on business disputes in general and intellectual property in particular, representing photographers, authors, fine artists, and clients in the marketing, fashion, entertainment, real estate and hospitality industries. Known for his exceptional record of success in copyright and trademark litigation, Mr. Doniger has earned a spot on the Southern California Super Lawyers, an honor bestowed on only 5% of lawyers in Southern California, and been selected as the exclusive copyright law expert and recommended attorney for California by Global Law Experts. He serves as counsel for the APA, and has been a featured speaker and contributing author for for a wide range of groups and publications. 

Jeff Sedlik has been a professional advertising photographer for 35 years, and  serves as the President of the non-profit PLUS Coalition. The past national President of the APA,  Sedlik was a founding Director of the American Society for Collective Rights Licensing, and is a Professor at the Art Center College of Design, teaching courses on copyright law and licensing for more than 25 years. Sedlik also serves on both the Creators Advisory Board and Academic Advisory Board of the Copyright Alliance. Sedlik frequently testifies  as an expert witness in copyright litigation, and is a consultant on digital asset management, copyright management information, and intellectual property issues related to the visual arts.



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