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APA Chicago’s 10th Annual Artist’s Perspective Exhibition

Fri 28th Apr, 2023 – 7:00pm–10:00pm

By APA Admin in Chicago

Photographer Sara Rubinstein's landscape image was a selection in our 2023 Artist's Perspective Exhibition

Natasha Egan, Executive Director at the Museum of Contemporary Photography, has completed judging APA Chicago's 10th Annual Artist's Perspective Personal Work Exhibition. We are pleased to announce that she selected 47 images from 42 artists to be featured in our one-night exhibition on Friday, April 28, at Fulton Street Collective. The celebration includes drinks, food, fun, a photo booth, and more - please join us.

Official Selections

  1. Matt Anderson
  2. Mark Battrell
  3. Jyotsna Bhamidipati
  4. Wayne Cable
  5. Colleen Chrzanowski Light
  6. Denise Crew
  7. Dhanraj Emanuel
  8. Drew Endicott
  9. Amy Gaskin
  10. Iri Greco
  11. Max Hirshfeld
  12. Brooke Hummer
  13. T.J. Kirkpatrick
  14. Carl Koester
  15. Hugh Kretschmer
  16. Timothy Kwon
  17. Markku Lahdesmaki
  18. Jason Lindsey
  19. Jason Little
  20. Jessica Marcotte
  21. Tobias Meier
  22. Elaine Suzanne Miller
  23. Brian Molyneaux
  24. Sally Montana
  25. Eric O'Connell
  26. Danielle Owensby
  27. Felicia Perretti
  28. Allison Plass
  29. Philipp Scholz Rittermann
  30. Sara Rubinstein
  31. Sej Saraiya
  32. Alan Shortall
  33. Meagan Shuptar
  34. Steven Simko
  35. Charlie Simokaitis
  36. Chris Sorensen
  37. Mickey Strider
  38. Tim Trautmann
  39. Paul Turang
  40. Mila Ugryn
  41. Dennis Welsh
  42. James Wimberg

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