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APA DC: 30 Minutes with Tamera Darden

Tue 03rd Oct, 2023 – Tue 03rd Oct, 2023

By APA Admin in Washington, DC

Join APA | DC as we spend 30 Minutes with commercial photographer, director, and producer Tamera Darden on Tuesday, October 3rd at 12pm (ET). Tamera will discuss her career path from photographer to producer and creator of The Photo CEO newsletter.

This virtual event is free to all APA Members, Future APA Members and Students.

About Tamera:

With 10 years of experience in merchandising, product development and visual merchandising Tamera lends her artistic and intentional eye for her photography clients. She creates captivating and click-worthy images that inspires customers to instantly “add-to-cart.”

A content creation & Flat Lay OG, her work has resulted in sold out launches, reorders and cult like status for several brands including Lion Pose (now sold in Sephora), Base Butter and Celeste Sol Jewelry (now sold in Walmart). She understands the importance of capturing her clients’ audience attention and that shines through in her work.

Her editorial and creative eye has helped her clients secure press features in Domino, The Washington Post, WWD, The Atlantic, Byrdie Beauty, Essence Magazine, Walmart and Sephora to name a few.

As a Black woman she understands that while trauma is a part of her ancestral heritage, it doesn’t need to be the catalyst of her work. She believes in capturing beauty, serenity and the dopeness of everyday living.

Seeing a gap in the content creation market, Tamera launched KIN Productions, a content production agency for beauty and lifestyle brands in 2016. KIN Productions has been able to serve 100 clients and has generated half a million dollars in booked clients since 2016. Passionate about pay equity, she makes sure 80% or more of the production crews for KIN’s projects are women.

She is passionate about pay equity and sharing knowledge to empower other Black women photographers to advocate for themselves in pay negotiations. When she is not capturing dope shit, she is offering education & advice on The Photo CEO Substack, a weekly newsletter sharing the good, the bad and the ugh of running a photography business. She is also currently writing her first book, The Photo CEO that spotlights her journey in becoming a photographer and content producer in a male dominated industry.

Tamera is from New York City and currently resides in Washington, D.C.

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