APA New York: Run off with APA and join the CIRCUS!

Sat 14th May, 2022 – Sat 14th May, 2022

By Creative Arc in New York

Sat 14th May, 2022
Sat 14th May, 2022




Nothing beats the color and excitement of a live Circus show and this event is an opportunity for us to photograph the bold, new Omnium Circus

About this event:

Join APA NY as we run off and join the circus for a very special PHOTO-ACCESS Opportunity.

Omnium Circus has reserved seats just for APA, so we will be able to photograph the performance, either standing or sitting, without blocking any other audience members. And we may have the opportunity to photograph a few of the performers before and/or after the show as well.

Omnium Circus is a new, inclusive circus that features all human performers(animal-free), many of them former stars of Ringling Bros & Barnum & Bailey Circus. At this performance, it is presented in a theater setting, rather than in the round.

Because Omnium is new, they, as well as the Queens Theater, are developing their online presence. So they are very happy for us to post our images to social media, using their tags and hashtags - and it’s an opportunity for attendees to show our best performance photography work to their PR teams!

Come join the circus!



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