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APA New York | The Photographs That Changed Us

Sat 27th Jan, 2024 – 10:30am–12:30pm

By APA Admin in New York

Photographers and photographs, coffee and chatter; What could be better for a Saturday morning meet up? And this meet up has a theme: The photograph that changed your life.

Was there one particular photograph that did that for you? A photograph that,when you first saw it, changed you? Made you think of things differently? Sent you in a different direction, or simply made you fall in love with photography? Why not come to this informal meet up and share it with us?

Bring that photograph in whatever form you have it (book, magazine, print, even on your phone or tablet). We’ll all take turns having a Show & Tell, discussing the photos and sharing with each other.

As for the coffee: BYOC stands for Bring Your Own Coffee. Since everyone takes their coffee differently, we suggest you stop off at one of the coffee shops surrounding the gallery and bring your favorite cup of Joe (or Tea) along with you (we’ll send you a list of nearby coffee shops, if you need it). And while we won’t be providing coffee, we will have some nibblies there to share.

Please RSVP to let us know you’ll be coming.

**This event will be held in-person at SohoPhoto Gallery in Tribeca.

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