APA NY The Exhibition Lab Exhibition July 25, 2019

Thu 25th Jul, 2019 – 6:00pm–8:00pm

By APA Admin in New York

Thu 25th Jul, 2019


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APA New York presents: 

 Photo Credit: Ruth Wetzel

The Exhibition Lab Exhibition

As photographers, we all have many great ideas for projects, but how many of us take those ideas to fruition, creating a coherent portfolio ready to hang on a gallery wall or as a published book? Ideas are easy. Creation and discipline are not. 

Join us for an exclusive evening at the Foley Gallery for the 2019 edition of “the Exhibition Lab Exhibition”, a group show featuring work by Farras Abdelnour, Bob Avakian, Aleya Lehmann Bench, Melissa Cate, Cindy Konits, Pierre-Yves Linot, Amy Montali, Gabriel Sacco, Ralph Salomon, Willy Somma, Gisella Sorrentino, Bill Westheimer and Ruth Wetzel.

Michael Foley will lead a discussion with artists in the show about the process of going from idea to exhibition. ExLab Artists will stand before their photographs and explain how working for five months in a salon environment helped them take their project to a place where not only was it ready for exhibition, but also taught them as artists how to properly communicate the reasons behind their work.

Special thanks to the Foley Gallery,  Paul B. Goode & The Photo Group for partnering with APA on this event.

Artists that will be in attendance:

  • Farras Abdelnour
  • Pierre-Yves Linot
  • Ralph Salomon
  • Gisella Sorrentino
  • Ruth Wetzel 

Here's the link to more information on the show. 



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