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Mindset Practice - The Optimal Frame of Mind to Elevate your Career in Photography

Tue 22nd Feb, 2022 – Tue 22nd Feb, 2022

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Mindset Practice - The Optimal Frame of Mind to Elevate your Career in Photography

February 22, 2022

Moderated by Darcie Adler of The Spin Style Agency

Working as a photographer, stylist, or freelance solopreneur has many benefits - but you can also end up feeling lonely, disheartened, inadequate, and misunderstood.  All of this is problematic, not just for your mood, but also for your business.

When you feel isolated and insecure, your motivation will deplete, and your energy will repel authentic connection and thus promising opportunities. On the flip side, when you are feeling on top of the world - nothing can stop you. Your productivity will be at full capacity and you will be enjoying every moment of it.

Join us for a deep dive conversation on Mindset and how you can develop the optimal frame of mind to elevate your business.  We will share actionable tools for connecting, winning business, and retaining long-term relationships with clients.

Panelists include:

Ethan King

Ethan King is a multiple business owner, entrepreneur leader, and keynote speaker who educates and inspires creative minds to achieve a rich life of wealth, health, freedom, and happiness. Ethan speaks on business growth, reinvention, lifestyle design, health optimization, and longevity. 

Amy V. Cooper

Amy V. Cooper is a photography business consultant and personal coach. While offering portfolio reviews, marketing strategy, and business consulting, Amy also works with clients to shift their mindset, gain clarity, release anxiety, create better beliefs and stronger habits. She is a CHT and coach incorporating EFT, Hypnosis, NLP, and positive psychology modalities. 

Robin Sciarra

Robin Sciarra is a boutique media agency owner specializing in social media services, coaching, and is a mind-body connection advocate. Robin is on a mission to help businesses stay present and profitable online through mindful practices and creative marketing. 

Michael Danklefs

Michael Danklefs is a certified Lifebook Leader and Life Vision Outfitter with Elevate Your Best.  Michael works with clients to refine, discover, and take action to live the best version of their lives, using the four principles of Preparation, Commitment, Accountability, and Celebration to guide his clients to achieve their goals. 

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