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APA has hundreds of student members across the country. And, we have developed important benefits that help students during their academic years and then transition to a professional career. By joining APA you gain access to industry leaders, get the best creative and business advice on the planet and can network with agency professionals who purchase photography services. Consider APA an invested partner in your career.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a student, but there isn't a "student" category anymore.
During the sign-up process your student status will now be captured as an attribute, so you can join or renew at any member level.

During the sign-up process you wil be presented with the following drop-down menu - please select student.

What are the APA member levels?
We have migrated to an open enrollment system — join at the level that meets your needs:
$500: Leader
$350: Professional
$225: Associate
$125: Supporter
$50: Contributor

As a student, what member level do you recommend I join?
Most students join at the Contributor ($50) level. At this level you will receive great benefits like a portfolio in APA's custom creative network, discounts on events and competitions, searchable member profile on, and be eligible for APA student insurance.

Why do I need student insurance?
That's a great question — here are three important considerations:

  1. The average student has between $5,000 and $10,000 worth of property.
  2. Schools spell out in housing contracts and other publications that they are not responsible for loss or damage to student property. Not only are schools not responsible for the student's personal property, but students are actually responsible for school property entrusted to their care.
  3. Theft, particularly of computers, bikes, cameras and cell phones, is an issue across the country.

Won't my parents homeowner policy provide the right coverage?
Homeowner policies are designed to protect your primary resident. Student coverage is designed for college life and includes worldwide replacement cost protection. Plus, the typical deductible on a homeowners policy often exceeds the cost of a student’s computer, MP3 player, and cell phone.

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Can I get coverage on rented gear?
Yes, if you rent camera equipment or use school gear for short term periods, you can get $30,000 for as little as $160 per year.

I have additional questions regarding insurance who should I contact?
APA's dedicated insurance specialist handling student and educator insurance is:

Yubi Alvarez
p: (888) 411-4911
Visit the website for an instant quote.

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