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RJ Muna

Emeritus Vice President

RJ Muna is a photographer. He was born in a place far from where he grew up. He went to college not far from where he now lives, which is fairly close to where he grew up. He’s been taking pictures for many years now, and remembers fondly the era of Film. He gladly shoots digital these days but has spent many hours arguing the merits of pixels versus silver (usually taking the opposite side of whichever view is being presented). “Polaroid” - enough said. Truth is, he really doesn’t care what he makes pictures with, as long as he gets to make pictures. He likes making pictures.

RJ’s had numerous gallery shows of his fine art work, and while less than a hundred, certainly more than he can count on all of his fingers and toes. His wardrobe of black clothing is extensive, and he’s actually come to prefer cheap white wine with his cheese and crackers.

Sometimes, though rarely, RJ will write something in the third person. It makes him feel a little like a Rap star. But he never uses the Royal “We”. That would just be too much. He has, on occasion, used the French “Oui”. Because, of course, you can’t say no to everything. 

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