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Member Benefits

Versatile Studios

Versatile Studios is happy to provide a discount to APA Members. APA Members, by showing your current APA Member Card, will receive a 10% discount on Studio or Production Office rentals as well as a 10% discount on Production Equipment rentals and any other in house equipment rentals. They are also offering up to 10% on Post Production services dependent on the project (done on a sliding scale basis).


Voelker Studio

Voelker Studio is now offering a 10% discount on Studio Rental to APA Members. Just show your membership card.

It is a state of the art 5,300 square foot workspace located in the heart of the greater Los Angeles creative zone. Built for one purpose - to inspire photographers and talent to create images beyond the realm of the ordinary

Voelker Studio offers a variety of shoot locations, both inside and out. Multi-purpose backdrops, backgrounds and flats are abundantly available, while the on-site garden and alleyways provide secluded settings that run from urban environment to desert habitat with a simple change of angle!




Tue 24th Jan, 2017

Business Insurance for Photograp...

APA Insurance Services (AIS) offers excellent equipment, liability and rental coverage.