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APA LA & AskSternRep: Navigating the Unknown Webinars

Q&A Series with Andrea Stern and Guests

Thu 01st Jul, 2021

By APA Admin

Episode 16: What goes into an impactful TREATMENT that gets the job? Scott Rickels - Treatment Writer, Mary Dail - Artists Rep / Big Leo Productions

Episode 15: What goes into the decision of hiring photographers at ad agencies? Let’s ask! Guests: • Andrea Rosenfeld - Senior Art Producer/David&Goliath • Norman Brown - Design Director/Zambezi Agency

Episode 14: Marketing Part 2 - How do we make the most out of SOCIAL MEDIA, our contacts DATABASE and our NETWORKING options? • Amy V. Cooper - Photography Consultant • Julie Skarwecki - Photography ConsultantAmy V. Cooper and Julie Skarwecki

Episode 12: Website & Marketing Strategies for Success with Amy V. Cooper - Photography Consultant, Julie Skarwecki - Photography Consultant

Episode 11: "Estimates - How to Bid For Today" Guests: Art + Content Producer - Kay Gautraud, Producer / Circadian Pictures - Michael Klein

Episode 10: "Let's Talk About Shooting Today" Guests Photographer Caleb Kuhl and NYC Producer Luigi F Rossi

Episode 9 - Photographer Chris Burkar

Episode 8 - (Part 2 of Episode 7) We brought them back!! Artist Rep/Big Leo Production - Mary Dail, Artist Rep/Poppy Creative - Traci Terrick

Episode 7: “By popular demand, this week is All About Reps…hear what we think.” Artist Rep/Big Leo Production - Mary Dail, Artist Rep/Poppy Creative - Traci Terrick

Episode 6: Senior Art Producer/Designory - Emily Hoskins, Creative Director/Crispin Porter Bogusky - Jason Pierce

Episode 5: Senior Art Producer/72andSunny - Clarissa Garrett, Senior Producer/FCB Chicago - Sandra Sanchez

Episode 4: Photographer - Jeremy Cowart

Episode 3: Nathan Monteith - Creative Director, DDB Chicago Michael Kaminski - Director of Production, JUICE Pharm

Episode 2: Producer, Michael Horta (MJ68 Productions)

Episode 1: Photographer and APA LA Board Member - Jim Purdum

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