A Cuban Vision of Cuba

Sat 21st Feb, 2015

By Creative Arc in Insight, Education, San Francisco

A Cuban Vision of Cuba

Join APA SF Member photographers Stuart Schwartz, Jock McDonald, with Alex Castro, and Ramses Batista for this small-group photography workshop that will introduce you to the Cuban vision of Cuba.

April 20–26, 2015

Cuba is changing fast and the time to visit is now! Twenty years ago, a Cuban couldn’t speak to a foreigner without being questioned by the police. Now most Cubans have cell phones, and access to the Internet is becoming more widespread. And—a recent ease of the U.S. embargo on Cuban goods is bound to boost trade between the two countries in the coming months.

This incredible small-group workshop, led by Alex Castro, son of Cuban leader Fidel Castro, and Cuba’s premier photographer Ramses Batista, with The Image Flow owner Stuart Schwartz and photographer and lifelong explorer Jock McDonald, will guide you well beyond the tourist veil of Cuba, and into the nooks and crannies of Havana ordinarily reserved for the city’s citizens themselves.

“What I really like to do wherever I go is to try and find something that’s disappearing. One thing I’m interested in is the Cuban entrepreneur. There are all these shops, nearly empty, with one person working in them. It’s all about hitting the streets and shooting Cuba as it is, without trying to put a romantic face on it.”

—Stuart Schwartz, APA SF Pro Member, workshop leader and owner of The Image Flow.

Complete Cuban Vision of Cuba Workshop info is here

photos (3, including homepage) © Jock McDonald


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