APA Chicago Welcomes Audra Rohe as Chapter Director

Thu 26th Mar, 2020

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APA Chicago Welcomes Audra Rohe as Chapter Director

About Aurda

Audra means “storm" in Lithuanian, my heritage. This upbringing shaped me to be a creative, resourceful, hard-worker with a self-imposed force of nature within myself. This all led me to the choice of studying Photography because of the beauty and adventure it always brought me. For 23 years (mostly in Chicago) I have worked on more photo shoots than I can count, playing every role so that I could learn how to ensure a successful production. My goal is to always have fun, stay positive and keep the peace. Works for me every time.

Audra can be reached at director@apachicago.org

Visit APA Chicago Website https://chicago.apanational.org/


Chapter Chair Lindsay Gallup

Board Members:

Alyce Henson

Brian Schilling

Kourtney Sellers

Rebecca Reuland 

Steven Brooks

Andreas Endregaard

Brooke Hummer

Martine Severin 

Rob Gregory


APA LA Portfolio Review August 15, 2020

Sat 15 Aug – Sat 15 Aug, 2020

Registration Open for APA Associate, Professional and Leader Members Only




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