APA LA & AskSternRep: Navigating the Unknown Webinars

Thu 01st Jul, 2021

By APA Admin

Episode 16: What goes into an impactful TREATMENT that gets the job? Scott Rickels - Treatment Writer, Mary Dail - Artists Rep / Big Leo Productions

Episode 15: What goes into the decision of hiring photographers at ad agencies? Let’s ask! Guests: • Andrea Rosenfeld - Senior Art Producer/David&Goliath • Norman Brown - Design Director/Zambezi Agency

Episode 14: Marketing Part 2 - How do we make the most out of SOCIAL MEDIA, our contacts DATABASE and our NETWORKING options? • Amy V. Cooper - Photography Consultant • Julie Skarwecki - Photography ConsultantAmy V. Cooper and Julie Skarwecki

Episode 12: Website & Marketing Strategies for Success with Amy V. Cooper - Photography Consultant, Julie Skarwecki - Photography Consultant

Episode 11: "Estimates - How to Bid For Today" Guests: Art + Content Producer - Kay Gautraud, Producer / Circadian Pictures - Michael Klein

Episode 10: "Let's Talk About Shooting Today" Guests Photographer Caleb Kuhl and NYC Producer Luigi F Rossi

Episode 9 - Photographer Chris Burkar

Episode 8 - (Part 2 of Episode 7) We brought them back!! Artist Rep/Big Leo Production - Mary Dail, Artist Rep/Poppy Creative - Traci Terrick

Episode 7: “By popular demand, this week is All About Reps…hear what we think.” Artist Rep/Big Leo Production - Mary Dail, Artist Rep/Poppy Creative - Traci Terrick

Episode 6: Senior Art Producer/Designory - Emily Hoskins, Creative Director/Crispin Porter Bogusky - Jason Pierce

Episode 5: Senior Art Producer/72andSunny - Clarissa Garrett, Senior Producer/FCB Chicago - Sandra Sanchez

Episode 4: Photographer - Jeremy Cowart

Episode 3: Nathan Monteith - Creative Director, DDB Chicago Michael Kaminski - Director of Production, JUICE Pharm

Episode 2: Producer, Michael Horta (MJ68 Productions)

Episode 1: Photographer and APA LA Board Member - Jim Purdum


No More Starving Artists: Attracting Clients Who Value What You Do

Mon 06 Feb, 2023
Soho Photo Gallery
15 White Street
New York, NY 10013

Discussion with Monica Sigmon and Michael Taylor




Sun 29th Jan, 2023

2023 Artist’s Perspective ...

Natasha Egan, Executive Director and MoCP curates APA Chicago’s 10th Annual Artist’s Perspective...