APA Launches Committee for Diversity + Inclusion

Mon 28th Sep, 2020

By APA Admin in National

© Jessica Foley  (she/her)

American Photographic Artists (APA) proudly announces the formation of a committee made up of a diverse group of APA board members and photographic artists. 

As a leading voice in the photo industry, we comprehend that photography has the power to mold and influence our culture and stereotypes of BIPOCs and LGBTQIA+ in the media.  We acknowledge that APA has not done enough to highlight and elevate diversity and we are committed to addressing access and inclusion within the industry.

This Diversity Committee is charged with clearing a path to success for its members who are traditionally marginalized BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) and LGBTQIA+ at APA National and its chapters. 

The work of the Committee

As a first step, the committee created a survey to:

  • Better serve our members;
  • Identify better gateways for diverse voices; and
  • Provide members with the best information to succeed in the marketplace.


Participation in this short survey is both optional and anonymous. 

We vow to use what is collected responsibly and solely in our efforts to continue learning, changing, and offering more relevant and inclusive programming and services for our members. 

A LINK TO THE SURVEY HAS BEEN SENT TO ALL APA MEMBERS. Log on to APA to find the member-only link. 

If you are not an APA member, we would like to hear from you as well - here is the non-member survey link https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/APASocialSurvey

        Please view the work from some of our Diversity Committee members    

APA Diversity Committee Chair: Martine Séverin  diversity@apanational.org

The APA Diversity Committe meet-up at Palm Springs Photo Festival 

APA Diversity + Inclusion - symposium at PSPF
Meet individuals from the grassroots organizations working towards dismantling harmful practices in the visual journalism and editorial media industry. 

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