Covid Compliance Officer Terms & Conditions

Tue 23rd Mar, 2021

By APA Admin

We at APA National believe that photographers should do what they can to maintain the safest sets possible during this time of COVID. We know that it's impossible to be fully focused and creative on set while policing for safety measures and proper mask wearing, and therefore we recommend that clients hire a Covid Compliance Officer for any type of photo assignment.

For most clients, this is a small (and temporary) addtional line item that willl help protect the entire crew from and the client (if they are on set) from contracting Covid-19.  Consider it an insurance policy by helping the client stay out of trouble (that's good for everyone!) However, we know that sometimes a client insists on not including a Covid Compliance Officer. 

Therefore, we had an attorney draft Terms & Conditions of Covid Compliance Officers. It may be something you'd like to include in your upcoming contracts.

Here is an article about Covid Compliance Officers - it includes a list of companies with CCOs


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