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Frank Ockenfels 3, Book Gallery Exhibition and Book Release

Publishes his first book, Volume 3, Opening and Talk at Fahey Klein Gallery Dec. 2019

Fri 29th Nov, 2019

By Creative Arc in Recognition, Los Angeles

Frank Ockenfels 3, Book Gallery Exhibition and Book Release

Frank Ockenfels 3 is an American photographer, artist, director, and APA member. He is renowned for his portraiture and incorporating non-photographic elements in his work. Ockenfels applies techniques like collage, painting, and drawing to his photographs. 

Frank Ockenfels Volume 3 puts together his creative work into a collection of images that provide a window into his visual thinking, the internal world of imagery and emotions in his mind. Subjected to ink, collage, or paint, the images are no longer just photographs of an individual, but become a more personal statement of who the artist is, of his psyche and as such, creative artistry in its purest form. He creates waking dreams, images that represent the darkest, least-illuminated aspects of his unconscious projected on the person he has photographed. He has the courage to go way beyond the expected and the obvious to the breaking of boundaries of traditional photography. 

The hardcover book is available now.


Frank Ockenfels' work will be on display at the Fahey/Klein Gallery from December 5th - January 11th. This exhibition is a celebration of Frank Ockenfels 3’s long career and an analysis into his personal collaged journals, featured in his first publication Frank Ockenfels 3, Volume 3.

An Artist Reception will take place at Fahey/Klein Gallery on Thursday, December 5th.
7:00 - 9:00pm
148 North LA Brea Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90036

Showing extended to January 18th

Frank Ockenfels will be speaking at MOPA on January 23, 2020.  More information and Register 

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