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Daryn Labier

Chapter: Northwest /
Pro Type: Photographer

born in vermont / found to possess artistic talent at an early age / mom and dad are proud / changes major in college 3 times / spends time in the ecuadorian amazon and galapagos / joins US Army as Cavalry Scout / deployed to kosovo / chronicles life as a soldier abroad / bar tends in colorado / snowboards a lot / gets a real job in hazmat / buys first nikon camera (yes nikon)

moves to seoul, korea / teaches little kids english / drinks korean beer / meets great korean lady / teaches middle school kids movie making / travels much of south east asia / still dates same great korean lady / teaches adults english using multimedia / moves to san francisco to go to the academy of art university

same great korean lady follows / embraces digital technology in all its forms / wins awards at academy of art spring shows in 2010 and 2011 / works with more great collaborators / wants to work with YOU!!!