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RC Rivera Photography

Pro Type: Photographer

RC Rivera (Renato Carlos) is a photographer, director & imaging specialist based in San Francisco, CA and Manila, Philippines. He shoots people, places and things in beauty, sport lifestyle and tech world. Born in Pasig City (part of Metro Manila, Philippines). 1 of 7 kids. Army brat. Moved to Virginia for High School, back to the Philippines for 2 years of Industrial Design, decided he was bad at math so he dropped out, partied too much, *ran away from home and moved back to New Jersey thinking it was close to NYC (it wasn’t), moved to New York City but his flat was too small and expensive, moved to Brooklyn, stayed for 7 years. Got tired. Moved to San Francisco. When he's not behind the camera, he can be found tinkering on a motorcycle, trying to whip up something from the momofuku cookbook, checking for last minute travel deals, and/or annoying his wife and two sons.

Fun facts : He has a robot. Yes, a robot. She holds cameras and things. Her name is DORIS. He can marry anyone in the state of California. He rebuilt his first motorcycle with the help of youtube. He makes a mean pizza dough ( at least he thinks he does.)

*feel free to ask me about this when we meet


Advertising / Conceptual / Fashion/Beauty / Liquids / Product / Sports/Action / Still Life



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