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The Photography Of Meg Daniels

Chapter: Charlotte, NC /
Pro Type: Photographer

I approach photography as a documentarian with most of my images taken in real-life situations with an unadulterated approach. My audience lives in an instant I captured, one that cannot be replicated. I take great pleasure knowing that my images invite people to immerse themselves in what I felt at a certain point in time. I create images as moments unfold before me without direction, intrusion, or prejudice. Subjectivity is inevitable, in my opinion, because the photographer decides what remains in the viewfinder and what is eliminated. Although some of our decisions may be subconscious at the time, we are able to reflect on them afterward as we review and dissect each photograph during the editing process. When we move a half of a step to the left or right, tilt the camera one way or another, or change lenses, the content of the photograph is altered therefore modifying the story from what we may have anticipated. But both the conscious and unconscious decisions are inherent based on what we as photographers are attempting to say.