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Tom Sperduto Photography

Pro Type: Photographer

I am a photographer who seeks intimate, spiritual, heroic and soulful portraits. The pursuit of these images is my passion.

I served 20 years of honorable service in the Coast Guard and the Marine Corps. I served as a machinegunner in the Marines and traveled to 29 countries. I served as a photographer/public affairs specialist in the Coast Guard. In my early years, I shot for daily newspapers in the evenings and weekends. I soon began to shoot advertising and commercial assignments around the country. I won the Advertising Photographers of America Grand Prize in 2010 while serving on active duty. I’ve also won several Military Photographer of the Year category awards. I served at ground zero following the 9/11 attacks and during Operation Iraqi Freedom. I am recognized and received an award for being the most published and award winning photographer in Coast Guard history.

Today, I am a fulltime freelance photographer continuing to improve my craft. I feel passionate photography is a life long learning, seeing, listening and seeking process. I was recently accepted into the Maine Media College MFA program for photography. I look forward to the rigorous educational experience. I live with my wife and daughter close to a trout stream in western NJ. My daughter and I enjoy fly fishing and catch many beautiful trout. We release each one carefully after capturing a photo of the experience.

I am an accomplished ultra marathon runner having completed more than ten 100 mile ultra marathons or longer. Many of my personal photography projects were born while running and brainstorming ideas on a trail.

I am convenietly located close to central NJ, NYC, Philadelphia and all surrounding areas. I am available for assignment anywhere and I’m always ready for the next adventure.

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