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Stephanie Buckler

Chapter: Chicago /
Pro Type: Photographer
/ Assistant

As a photographer I strive to translate a story into powerful imagery. Utilizing photographic techniques, skills in set design, styling, and lighting, as well as instinct, I capture people, places and things in the moments when they are most authentic. I have a passion for understanding light and how it affects the way that we see and perceive the world around us.

Every year, with or without an assignment, I leave the country to photograph. I find inspiration in classic art, nature, literature, architecture, food and culture. I am an avid cook and consumer of all things edible. Most of my personal work is comprised of images discovered with traveling.


I'm also a pro assistant, and my primary skills are listed below.

  • Assistant Skills: Digital Tech - Capture One / Digital Tech - Lightroom / DSLR - Sony / DSLR - Canon / Strobes - Bowens / Strobes - Broncolor / Strobes - Profoto / Travel