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Tracy + David

Chapter: Los Angeles /
Pro Type: Photographer

Tracy Boulian and David Ahntholz are the Southern California based husband and wife team behind Tracy + David.

People often say that they can’t imagine working full time with their spouse, but Tracy and David can’t imagine this adventure any other way. They are both experienced photographers/directors, who love collaborating on shoots together. Their clients tell them that they love the benefits of working with the two of them as well – they not only bring two collaborators, two sets of eyes, and potentially more image possibilities from a situation, but they also bring consistency of vision across both stills and motion.

As former news photojournalists, Tracy and David are passionate about telling stories and creating emotionally authentic images. They say that photojournalism was a great bootcamp, where they problem-solved all day, every day, often creating many images on a tight deadline. From this, they learned to be extremely flexible, adaptable, and resourceful, and became very adept at creating extensive libraries of images. Tracy and David love to travel and thrive working on a broad range of projects anywhere in the world.

Hailing from Connecticut (Tracy) and Iowa (David), they are happy Southern California transplants. As former athletes, they love the active outdoor lifestyle of the area and can’t get enough of the perfect weather and hiking with their very active Vizsla pup in the miles of trails surrounding their home. When they aren’t taking pictures, they’re usually out creating in some way – tackling an endless list of house projects, building custom furniture, or cooking a healthy meal together. They both live for breakfast and rarely go more than a week without pancakes.