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Mat Rick Photography

Pro Type: Photographer

Hi, my name is Mat, and I'm a photographer because of the tomato. Truth.

My grandfather decided to dedicate his life to the study of the tomato. He went searching for wild tomato plants in the mountains of Peru, dragging my young dad with him. My dad became fascinated with ancient cultures and decided to become an archaeologist working in Peru. My parents dragged me around the globe doing their research and put a camera in my hands to keep me busy and I fell in love, instantly. Thanks tomatoes!

I went to school and got a degree in photography. Then I went and worked in business development for 10 years, picking up an MBA along the way. Then I decided to go back to photography, just to complete the circle.

I live with coffee in my veins constantly, and what I love to do is make beautiful images. Let's make some together.


Advertising / Corporate / Editorial / Industrial / Lifestyle / Portrait / Product / Travel



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