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Alyssa Meadows

Specialty: Photo Journalism

Chapter: New York /
Pro Type: Photographer
/ Assistant

Alyssa Meadows is a nationally-exhibited artist born in Pennsylvania in 1989 - she currently lives in New York City, working as an artist and activist worldwide. Driven by self-initiated personal projects and documentary work, she uses photography to break silences, educate the misinformed, connect with others, and learn through exploration. Her main subjects predominantly focus on issues of intersectional equality and environmental activism. In 2018, she was selected as one of the eight recipients for the Aaron Siskind Foundation’s IPF Grant and best series for N.Y. Curator’s Grief online exhibition, and has recently exhibited at Umbrella Arts in New York City, Janalyn Hanson White Gallery in Cedar Rapids, IA, and the Art Director’s Club in New York City. She’s been published in a variety of publications, ranging from People and Edible Queens magazines to PDN’s Photo of the Day, Pro Photo Daily, and L’Œil de la Photographie.