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heshphoto / hesh hipp

Chapter: Los Angeles /
Pro Type: Photographer

hesh hipp is an award winning artist and photographer based (mostly) out of Los Angeles. hesh started his career as a B&W printer at a pro lab in Boston. Since then, he has worked as a Hollywood lighting and digital technician, a college art professor, and occasional graphic designer - before that, he was also a terrible DJ wannabe, a mediocre tattoo artist, and a rather talented line cook. These days, he spends his time shooting advertising for clients like Amazon, Gatorade, Walmart, The Glenlivet, and others - in his down time, hesh can be found wandering upstate NY, trawling the Port of LA, or in a basement in Baltimore, MD: staying up too late, drawing, painting, making pictures, and writing dumb shit on the internet.