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Marie Simpson Torrance / The Photo Department LLC

Chapter: Atlanta /
Pro Type: Photographer

Atlanta photographer Marie Simpson Torrance (Formerly Marie McCleskey) founded our studio in 2005 with an emphasis on clean, precise images and client satisfaction. Our team specializes in studio and location product photography as well as executive portraits. Located near Smyrna Market Village, our space offers a personalized experience with a client work area and easy access for product deliveries. Our client-centered work ethic accommodates the projects of busy professionals and elaborate corporate teams alike. Whether we are submitting proofs and edits on a client’s tight schedule or prolonging a shoot to find the right composition, we strive to work with deadlines while focusing on detail. It is our shared belief that great composition is learned and it also lives in your soul. We’ve shared our artistic and creative processes with local, national, and international companies including UNICEF, Chick- fil-A, Hanes, The Home Depot and Walmart, to name a few. With vivid color and imagination, each photograph we capture helps to create a visual story whether it’s for personal branding or showcasing a product.