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RCP Photography

Chapter: San Diego /
Pro Type: Photographer

Problem solving has always been a motivation for Ramon earning him a diverse career in photography; his ability to adapt and create a visual solution for client needs is unsurpassed. Experience is essential and having started his photographic journey in the action sports world for Surfing and Surfing Girl magazine lead to a variety of location assignments wherever there were waves to be surfed. A host of challenges were always present from the weather variables to athlete coordination to present a unique and memorable image.

Ramon transitioned into editorial photography freelancing for a variety of news organizations including Newsweek. The importance of time sensitive deadlines were a mainstay of working in the news world as well conveying the entirety of the story. This was a pivotal point on honoring the editorial narrative via an image, capturing emotion and showing the context of the situation.

Advertising and commercial photography was his next evolution. Dealing with global advertising campaigns was a match for Ramon. Utilizing the different skills learned over 18 years he has honed the importance of the branded image. Architectural, hospitality, lifestyle photography are weekly assignments that keep Ramon and his team traveling across the United States. Being able to see the global strategy as well as focus on the immediate needs of the project have Ramon taking the reins directing motion campaigns for clients.